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[art] october art dump

Title: October Art Dump aka Merlin Like Costumes
Character(s): Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Lancelot, Gwaine
Rating: PG
Notes: Contains Merlin as a panda, Merlin as a pineapple, Merlin as a witch on a broom, Merlin and Arthur as Mario and Luigi, Merlin as a pumpkin and Arthur as Dracula, and a couple of mini-comics with spoilery bits from S4 E01&02.

First posted here. I got a comment on this saying that it was cuter than a barrel of baby pandas which got me to imagining Merlin in a barrel dressed as a panda.

This was in response to this prompt on kinkme_merlin. It doesn't really fit the prompt in its entirety so not!fill it is. stardate64783 has written really cute fic based on it which actually fills the prompt here.

There was a prompt asking for Merlin in witch's garb and I lost it so it's just here. Merlin found the tubby cat, Mr Figglesworth, and put a charm on him so that he stays on the broom as they fly.

"You need the mustache, Arthur! The costume's not complete without facial hair!" - So it's Halloween and Merlin tries to get Arthur to dress up.

Spoilers start here!... Kind of. I thought that if the Dorocha were indeed spirits of the dead then surely Merlin would know at least one of them. I know the Dorocha do have skeletal bodies but they never really showed it so they're just heads here. Freya was supposed to be the last one but then I remembered that she's probably chillin' in the lake or something.

It seems that being in Camelot resulted in Gwaine losing all memories regarding his lone traveller ways and nature decided to strike back. So the wilddeoren looks nothing like it does on the show but when I tried to draw it accurately it really was the ugliest effing thing I've ever effing drawn. I really couldn't inflict it on other eyes.
In the last panel, Gwaine goes up against a small falcon Merlin and submits to having his hair fixed and his bee stings treated. Though he doesn't want to be taken care of, he does get tended to thus resulting in a draw.
Tags: fandom: merlin, pairing: gen, rating: pg

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